The Three Most Important Decisions in Life

29910411_s Life doesn’t give people what they want, but what they believe. Everyone wants nice things, good health, and happy days, but they don’t happen automatically.  Making right choices is what determines how life treats us.  God has given us the “right of choice”, but are we making the “right choices”?  Here are three areas that matter most in our lives:


Who will be Master of our lives?  Will we chose to be “lord of our own life”, or will we give that place to Jesus Christ?  Many people have accepted the fact that Jesus is the only way to God, and have received Him as their personal Savior, but not all of these believers have made Jesus the Lord and Master of all of life.  There is really only one thing we can give to God, and that is the surrender of our will to Him.  It was man’s will that got him into trouble to start with by deliberately disobeying the Lord’s instructions in the Garden of Eden.  The surrendered will means that we have given Christ the right to guide us according to His will for our lives, and while we are living in the will of God, He is Master and things will work for our good.


Who will be our Mate in life?  I have seen many people make the wrong decision when it came to marriage, sometimes because of loneliness, sometimes because of stubbornness, and sometimes just because of plain old lust.  I have often told people that it is better to be alone than to be with the wrong person.  There are worse things than loneliness and celibacy, like abuse, violence, and betrayal, for example.  Choosing a life partner should be approached according to scriptural guidelines, the consultation of parental and spiritual authority, and above all the leading of the Spirit of God in one’s heart.  What God joins together will be fruitful and without doubt the best thing that could happen to us.


What will be our Mission in life?  God has created us all with gifts and callings that empower us to fulfill the mission intended by Him.  The stages of life include Survival, Success and Significance.  When we are young, we are trying to survive the cost of education, the raising of children and all that life throws our way.  When we have reached midlife, we usually have achieved some measure of success in terms of having a nice home, car and some money in the bank.  But as we grow older we think of what our legacy will be:  what are we leaving for the benefit of future generations?  How have we added value to the lives of others, and how will our legacy continue to do so after we are gone?  What is our real significance?  Determining our ultimate mission usually takes place after some years of trial and error and learning some wisdom from experiencing life.  This is something we should all think about – God has a mission prepared for us all that will result in Significance.

If we make the right choices in these three areas, life will be lived to the fullest and God will be glorified.


19371417_sNo matter what vocation you may choose in this life, the traits of a successful person are always the same.  Promotion and success are within the grasp of every person because it is those vital character traits that make a person valuable and desirable as an employee or team player.  I can think of four traits that will cause raises and promotion to come to the bearer:


By being cooperative I mean being the type of person that can work well with others.  Respecting the position of others I may be working with is important, understanding that my part of the operation will only be beneficial when coupled with the efforts of others.  Learning to take the advice and instruction that may come from a co-worker as well as a supervisor will only enhance my role on the team.


This is an overlooked key to success, and it means to be easily managed by leadership.  Some people have a personality like a goat, always bucking the system and acting independently.  Goats don’t walk together like a flock of sheep, they wander off alone and go wherever they want to go.  They are hard to keep on the right path and have to be chased after from time to time.  Being compliant means to take orders with a proper attitude and learn to follow instructions to the letter.


When a person is competent, they will take time to learn their responsibilities in order to be the most productive and to cost the company the least due to error.  If a person likes to “fly by the seat of the pants” and learn as they go through trial and error, they may not be an asset to the team.  But a person who takes the time to learn what is expected of them, and how to do it properly, will be a valuable asset anywhere.


People that sincerely care about adding value to others, and who go the extra mile in order to make sure that peoples needs are met, will be the first in line when it comes to promotion.  I recently wrote a letter to a Bank Supervisor to commend an employee where I do banking, for the extra effort she made to ensure that I wasn’t being scammed in an online transaction I was attempting to make.  She actually saved me some heartache because she cared about my wellbeing rather than just doing what was asked of her regardless of whether or not it was in my best interest.  These are the qualities you will find in a winner.

Steps to Achievement

7971469_sGod is strategic in His plans and purposes.  He has procedure that makes the universe work without interruption; He also works in our lives according to these procedures.  The Psalms tell us, “the steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord” (Psalm 37:23).  So what are some steps to the achievement in life God has planned for you, steps that when understood and followed will result in the utmost productivity in our span of life?
1.  GRACE.  God first of all gives the grace, or “gifting,” to accomplish the purposes He has ordained to His own glory.  We must understand that the presence of His grace in our lives in no way indicates that we are ready to use that grace to its ultimate purpose.  Many people take the manifestation of grace, or gifting, to be validation that they are mature enough to take on all responsibility inherent in the “gift and call” of God.  But there is another step.
2.  GROOMING.  The development of our character is the next step toward our ultimate achievements.  When God’s grace appears in our lives, we begin to be noticed by others, and our lives come under greater scrutiny; what we “are” is what matters most at this point, not just what we can do by the “grace of God.”  The grace of God has given us the attention of others, and now we have influence, not because of character, but because of gifting.  We come under a strong pressure to let “Christ be formed in us” so that we can be examples to the people of God, who are now willing to listen to us because of God’s grace manifested in us.  God’s wisdom is seen in this process, because He has orchestrated a scenario whereby we feel the need to change and submit to the “grooming” of Holy Spirit, and our spiritual leadership, so that the people we now have influence with will not be disappointed by any lack of character in us.  This situation will reveal our true motives, and love for others will make us change into the kind of people we need to be in order to properly influence them toward a life of faith.
3.  GROWTH.  Once we have been graced by God, and our character has matured to coincide with the grace gifts in our lives, we are now ready for increase.  It is at this point that God will allow growth to come to us – growth in influence and fruitfulness, which amounts to the lives that have been changed because we have allowed God to work in our lives.  God’s intention for each of us is that we will have much to celebrate when we arrive in Heaven and stand before the Lord Jesus Christ, who served us with the suffering He endured on Calvary.  Perks along the way in this life are additional blessings that God favors us with as we live for His Glory!