The following is an excerpt from Dr. John’s book, STRONGER THAN SATAN: Understanding Your Authority In Christ. Follow this link to obtain your copy of STRONGER THAN SATAN today.

The world is trapped in darkness and ignorance, but you have been entrusted with power and authority to open doors and let the prisoners out. You need to realize that you have a responsibility for the area God has placed you. Everywhere you go, and with everything you do, you have an obligation to manifest the Kingdom of God. Announce the good news, preach the gospel, be involved in ministering the Word and life of Christ to everyone that crosses your path. 

I am not talking about teaching Sunday school or hosting a Bible study. Those are great activities that are much needed. Beyond that, you are the Church, the Kingdom of God is within you. You will reach people that others may never be able to connect with. That is something you can do individually every moment of the day. In addition to this, become part of something God is doing. We can do more together as the Body of Christ than anyone of us can do alone. When you have a vision of souls perishing, things tend to fall into more of a Kingdom perspective. 

In this battle, Satan has his focus on getting as much control as possible. He already has control of the unsaved, but if he can get into the Church through his wicked ways, he will not hesitate to take control. Remember, he does not obey rules. 

Look around at the current state of the church. There are beautiful churches with 25-30 people in them. They are frozen by Satan’s control, so that they are not effective in their communities, reaching the lost. Satan does not stop because he sees an emblem of the cross. He stops when he sees someone standing in the authority and power bought through the cross by Jesus Christ. Jesus commanded the unclean spirits to leave, and they came out. You must do the same, cast Satan out with authority and power. If you do not command Satan to turn loose of your life and loved ones, he will hold on forever. 

The devil does not respect age, creed, color, sex, or anything else. He will destroy the young as fast as he will ruin the elderly. He is more likely to target young children and teenagers to become deep-rooted at an early age. If you have children, you need to be especially aware of the enemy’s all-out attack on them through culture and society. Watch over your kids. Be sure to equip them with an educated and spiritually wise inheritance. 

Knowledge of spiritual warfare is necessary for your survival as well as those you love. Raising kids to be Godly, to be triumphant and victorious is the parent’s responsibility, and the church should affirm what you teach at home. I am not writing just to parents. Pray for the kids in our local church, your friends’ children, and the friends of your children. Too many people pass attitudes off as “just being teenagers” or because “Johnny’s just a kid being a kid.” We must be able to recognize the subtle influences of the enemy that drives behavior and attitudes. Bind up the enemy and loose the power and boldness of the Holy Spirit. Just as the enemy has no respect for children, God is no respecter of persons. Our children are just as much a part of the Body of Christ as we are. They are called to lay hands on the sick, prophecy and cast out, devils. For our children to stand up with authority, we must begin to lead. 


Learn how to pray in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit makes you sensitive to every aspect of the situation in your life. Then you will be able to bind and loose, cast out demonic spirits, pull down strongholds and take authority according to the Word and principles of God. The Spirit prays for us even when we do not know what to pray. There are times during a war when you will need the strength and encouragement that only comes from the Spirit of God, making intercession for you. 

Prayer is an effective weapon that is essential for your well-being. If you have a family, pray with them every day and read the Bible together. You have a responsibility to walk in the power of God to leave a legacy for those who will follow you. Soldiers do not wait to train for battle until they are in a fight; they prepare beforehand. We must do the same with praying in the Spirit! Pray even when things are good so that your Spirit man is strong enough to push through the hard times. 


Many believers invite the devil to go home with them through books, movies, and relationships, believing it is just entertainment. The devil wants to get control of you to kill and destroy you. It is not a game. Keep in mind that if you are a believer, you have been delivered from the power of darkness, but it is your responsibility to stay free and maintain your freedom. Make sure there are not any open doors for the enemy to access you or those you are called to influence. 


The number one need in the Church is the revelation of the knowledge of authority and dominion in Jesus’ Name. Stop asking God to do something about the devil and do something about him yourself. Open your eyes and begin to look at the real root of the problems in your life. Where are the open doors to the enemy? Shut them down. 

Spiritual maturity is the process of growing up in Christ. The book of First John records the spiritual growth in stages. 

“I have written to you, fathers, because you have known Him who is from the beginning. I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one.” 1 John 2:14 

We are all children when we come to Christ. He reveals Himself as a passionate Savior and loving Father, healing our hurts and encouraging us. Fathers in the faith carry the Father heart of God, teaching and admonishing the Body of Christ. As young men, we can begin to rightly discern the Word of God, wielding it as a powerful weapon against the enemy. No matter where you are in Christ, you have been given full authority over the devil. He must obey you when you come in the name of Jesus. 

The Bible describes this as “the victory that has overcome the world – our faith,” read 1 John 5:4. You have overcoming faith, and the power of the Holy Spirit is in you. There is no reason to be afraid of the devil. Just remember that he does not play according to rules. It is up to you to know your authority and enforce it. Make the devil obey!

What you just read is an excerpt from Dr. John’s book, STRONGER THAN SATAN: Understanding Your Authority In Christ. Follow this link to obtain your copy of STRONGER THAN SATAN today.

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