Don’t Get Hooked

The Word of God teaches us that we have an adversary, “one who opposes us” in our advancement towards the fulfillment of God’s plan and purpose for our life (1 PETER 5:8). Satan is out to destroy mankind and in particular those of the race who call themselves “Christian” (JOHN 10:10). Since we are taught in the Word that “we have been delivered from the authority of darkness,” (COLOSSIANS 1:12-13) Satan really has no way to gain an advantage over us unless we give it to him. Now, that in itself is a liberating truth! Satan can do nothing at all to me unless I give him the right.  That is why Paul in writing to the EPHESIANS in chapter 4 verse 27 says, “neither give place to the devil”. The Amplified Bible translates this verse as follows, “Leave no such room or foot-hold for the devil, give him no opportunity”. That clarifies things more fully; the enemy is looking for the only opportunity he has, the one we give him.

Now where does the devil look when he desires to overtake us and bring destruction into our lives? inside of us of course.  He designs temptations to “hook in us” anything that can be used against us. In other words, he goes fishing for our weaknesses using the temptations as bait. When one of his carefully planned temptations hooks something in us, he then proceeds to “pull the weakness out into full view” where it destroys us and others. The devil has studied man for 6000 years and knows the desires of the flesh and mind that are in man in the general sense. He also has familiar spirits who have studied individuals in particular in order to amass information about that person and begin to lay the trap for their life. Praise the Lord; I’m so glad we have the Holy Ghost within who is never taken by surprise. When we are living in close fellowship with Him, He will show us “things to come” including what the devil is planning to do. Glory to God! 

I remember an incident that happened to me several years ago while traveling home from a meeting in Canton, Ohio.  As I was approaching an overpass on the interstate near my home, I saw a vision of the car in front of me going out of control as it was crossing the overpass. The roads had become iced over as the temperature dropped and were not in condition for quick stopping. Immediately upon seeing the vision I slowed down gently, creating some distance between myself and the car ahead. As I slowed down, an 18-wheeler that was behind me pulled out to pass, heading for the overpass.  All at once, when the car ahead began to cross the overpass, it lost control and began to spin with the truck coming fast onto the bridge. I shouted, “ In the Name of Jesus”. And somehow that truck managed to cross the two lane bridge without hitting the car that was out of control, which finally made it to the other side and off into a ditch.  I was able to drive safely across and help the one in trouble. I shudder to think what would have happened to us all if I had gone onto the bridge with the car in front of me and had a collision with that truck coming.  The Holy Ghost showed me a plan of destruction for my life and I was delivered from all harm.

LUKE 10:19 says “nothing shall by any means harm you”.  The interesting thing about this verse is the Greek meaning of the phrase “any means”.  Actually it is a word implying “justice” and could be translated, “nothing shall justly hurt you”.  You see, Satan has “no legal right” to harm us because we have been redeemed by the “Blood of Jesus”.  He must “hook” us into something illegal to use against us. When Jesus said in JOHN 14:30 “the prince of this world comes but he has no place in me”, He was actually saying “the devil is looking for something to ‘hook’ in Me but he will find nothing”.  Jesus was tempted by the devil in an “attempt” to find something he could use against Jesus to legally destroy Him. The devil could do nothing to the body of Jesus legally until Jesus entered into identification with our sin. When He went to the cross it was as a substitute for us, therefore the death and punishment He suffered was for “our sin”.  It was at this point that “princes of this world” (1 CORINTHIANS 1:8) could do their dirty work against Him in crucifixion. But thanks be unto God that once our sin was paid for, death could not hold the “sinless one”, and the Father raised Him from the dead in a glorious new body that will never die again.  We have also inherited a body just like His to be acquired at the rapture of the Church.  Hallelujah!! 

Each of us that are born again believers can leave the devil in the same shape that Jesus did, “And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season” (LUKE 4:13). 

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