Culture Without Conviction

Culture without ConvictionOur culture is rotting because we have a culture without conviction. Jesus said when Holy Spirit comes “he will convince the world of sin…” John 16:8. Conviction is the result of righteous living of God’s people, “sinners cannot stand in the congregation of the righteous” Psalms1:5.

Today, Christians live in compromise not conviction; many are no longer convinced regarding what is right and what is wrong. We are told not to judge or become bigots so we stand for nothing; no convictions. From the top down, in our nation we have lawlessness, the spirit of antichrist at work. If the head is corrupt, the body will be also. The world hated Jesus because He convicted people of their sins until finally they killed him. Jesus said, “men love darkness rather than light because if they come to the light their evil deeds will be exposed” John 3:19. Why do you think there is war against the true Christian lifestyle of righteousness and holiness? It is because men are trying to avoid conviction, otherwise they will have to repent and give up their sin. This is the same reason many so called Christians fall out of fellowship with the Church, they have chosen compromise over conviction.
Carnal believers will always persecute those who are not living to fulfill the lusts of the flesh. (Read your Bible)

Judgement must begin at the House of God, the Church. We will never see restoration without conviction of sin and return to biblical standards among Christians. Study the history of revival and you will find crime and violence disappears in the presence of God’s convicting Presence. But that Presence comes through people who are living the life of Christ. Sadly, many Christians are not convicted of the most basic commandment, “Thou shalt not steal” Exodus 20:15. Yet many will steal the Lord’s Day (Sunday) for themselves, and the Lord’s Tithe, for themselves also. I know for certain if Christians would get delivered from stealing, it would be the beginning of revival for themselves, and it would be the beginning of living a life of conviction that will bring the Presence of God to our communities. There is no other answer for society. We are told that leaven will spread, whether it is good or bad leaven.

If the Church in every community would come together in repentance and heart felt prayer, living to please God and not ourselves, conviction would fall around us and sinners would be restrained by the Spirit of God, crime and violence would wither. Jesus is still the answer for what is going on in our nation.

I will probably get stoned for being forthright, and slandered as legalistic, but I’m in good company with Jesus and Paul.

Dr. John Polis

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