Building Strong Faith

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Faith is a way of life for the believer in Christ. This statement should change the way we think about faith and it’s usage in every area of life. Some mistakenly think that faith is something we use only in a crisis of sickness or financial lack. But faith is a proactive force not just a reactive force. We can learn to use faith in advance of needs that occur in our lives by speaking the Word of Faith over every area of our lives, family, business, and ministry. In fact, if we would do this, we would have fewer emergencies to deal with that often occur because we are just living the “whatever will be will be lifestyle.” Here are five ways you can build a strong life of faith.

BUILD ON GOD’S WORD. Luke 6:46-48 tells us to “dig deep” and lay our foundation of faith upon revelation knowledge. Information will not do in a storm, it must be “revelation” from the Spirit of God that will produce faith in the heart.

USE YOUR MEMORY. Matthew 16:5 tells the story of how the disciples had forgotten the miracle of the “loaves and fishes.” They were worried that they might run out of bread for the boat trip with Jesus. He told them to remember that miracle so they would have faith the next time they needed another “multiplication miracle.”

LEARN TO FORGIVE. In Mark 11:25, the Lord tells us that we must forgive before we try to pray the “Prayer of Faith” in vs.24. Faith only works by love, and where there is no forgiveness, there is no love.

RELATE WITH FAITH PEOPLE. Acts 4:12 shows us the importance of associating with people who have an active faith in the Word of God. The disciples had faith because they had been with Jesus. Who are you hanging out with?

PRAY IN THE SPIRIT. Jude 20 tells us to “build ourselves up in faith by praying in the Spirit.” If you have received your spiritual prayer language called “speaking in tongues” then use it daily to build up the inner man and get sensitive to God’s voice.

These five ingredients to Strong Faith will accelerate you into another realm of living by faith as you faithfully practice them.

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