What to Do with an Enemy

King David is the supreme example we use to demonstrate how to deal with an enemy.  We all know the story and how he first slew the lion, and then the bear, all in preparation for the biggest battle he would face.  God often allows us to face the enemy because He knows that we have the capability to defeat it, and if He steps in to do it for us, we will never develop our potential and find out the awesome power that is available to us.  God would rather fight the enemy “with us” and not “for us.”  The apostle Paul said, “We are co-workers together with God” (1 Corinthians 3:9).   When we learn to use our weapons and develop our skill, we are ready to fight bigger and harder battles.

God needs some Davids today because of the “giants in the land.”  The enemy of our soul is developing his “giants” to intimidate the Body of Christ as Goliath did to the army of Israel, but God is raising up His “champions” to take them down.  I want to be one of God’s “champions” – how about you?

David shows us three things to do when dealing with an enemy:  Face It, Fight It, and Finish It.  The army of Israel sat in the trenches terrified by the ranting of Goliath, while David made up his mind to “face” the giant on the battlefield. Overcoming the fears that hinder us from facing our problems is the first step to victory.  David knew he wasn’t alone in the battle, but that the Lord was with him to assure the victory.  God is with us in every battle we face to give us the victory.  David said, “I will fear no evil, for You are with me.” (Psalm 23:4)

After we “face it,” it’s too late to back down, so we must “fight it.”  David took what he was “familiar” with, the stone and sling he used to defeat the lesser foes, and ran out in full faith that he would hit the mark again.  He said, “I come to you in the Name of the Lord,” with all the might and authority of Heaven.  We don’t have a sling and stone to use today because our battle is in the spiritual realm, where demons are at war against us, but we have the Word of God as a sword and Faith as a shield, invincible weapons that will render the enemy powerless against us as we utilize them.  We fight with our “heart and mouth,” as Paul said:  “with the heart man believes and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation (deliverance, healing, safety and provision).” (Romans 10:10)

David not only faced and fought the giant, he “finished” the enemy and made sure the problem would never occur again by cutting off Goliath’s head.  We must also put the victory in the past tense and “lay the axe to the root,” never accepting what the enemy is trying to bring upon us ever again.  We are assured of total victory in Christ as we take our place “in Him” and use the arsenal that God has provided for us.

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